The Management Board of Galdram S.p.A., in a period of crisis, needed to increase its management integrated system QUALITY/ENVIRONMENT/SAFETY, as a proof that its primary target is not the economic result, but other kind of valors. There is the firm belief that the achievement of such a result represents a strategical decision to keep on offer ourselves as a local alternative to big groups. A special thanks goes to everybody who contribute. 18001 particularly represents a rebirth for our Company.


For Galdram, customer satisfaction is the top priority and each and every activity – from production to final sale – is implemented in the search for ongoing improvement. This starts with ongoing monitoring of customer needs, the entire corporate process and personnel work together to achieve total quality. Galdram suppliers hold ISO:9001 quality certification and are included on a list of qualifield suppliers that Galdram purchases from. Galdram guarantees just-in-time delivery and customized logistics and transport services.

TYPE APPROVAL ONU identification for the dangerous goods transport

Drum labeling authorization is issued by the various institutes authorized to do so by the Ministry of Transport. Besides guaranteeing UN type approval with certification printed in ink (ink jet system) on the outside of the painted drum, all drums produced by Galdram have UN labeling embossed on the bottom in order to comply with regulations outlined in Appendix V of the General Packaging Requirements.


Always sensitive to environmental and ecological issues, Galdram was one of the first companies in the field to use water-soluble synthetic paints. Indeed, as the first company in the field to obtain ISO 14001 environmental certification in 2003, Galdram is aware that its activities, products and services can have an impact on the environment. That is why one of the company's key goals is to improve production, consuming less energy and fewer envinronmental resources, thus making its contribution to leaving a less impoverished, more habitable environment for future generations. All employees participate in achieving the corporate environmental policy and this is a guarantee for those who work on our company, for the general population in the vicinity of or production site and in general, for the surrounding territory as a whole.