Galdram S.p.A.

springs from the experience acquired in regeneration by its founder, Gallini Aldo who, in 1978, decided to produce new metal drums. After setting out in that direction at the end of 1990s – making significant investments to tear down the old, now obsolete plants and replace them with new technologically advanced production lines – today the company has finally defined the basis for ongoing pursuit of growth and innovation. The new generation is behind this development, namely Massimiliano Gallini, the founder's son. Today the company operates in three different locations, all located in Tribiano (MI) with an overall surface area of approximately 36,000 m2 positioned close to the main traffic routes of northern Italy and the main motorways crossing the entire peninsula. Galdram started renovating its production site on January 1, 2008, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary. Its birthplace was no longer suitable and moving a company that had been operative for so many years proved difficult ... but luck was on our side. We found a wonderful location right next to our original production site and this enabled us to renovate the offices and management building and to improve organization of the outside space needed to handle the drums.


Galdram specialized in the production of metal drums. The company holds ISO:9001 quality certification and ISO:14001 environmental certification. Moreover it has more than 30 years experrience in the market. It supplies metal packaging to the largest manufacturers of chemicals, lubricants, foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products, guaranteeing safe, high quality transportation. It calls itself the only free spirit on the market and aims to become the leading company in its field. Implementation of this project has been made possible by the cooperation, commitment, loyalty and seriousness employed day in and day out by the men and women working together to attain this goal.