PAINTING the steel used to produce the drums is coated with oven-baked water soluble enamel.

The color can be selected from a vast range of tints and the drums can be customized by using both different colors for the three levels on the outside and the two ends and by serigraphic printing of the customer's logo or corporate name.

GALVANIZED DRUMS, the drums is submerged in a tank containing liquefield zinc which coats the raw steel and preserves it in time.


RAW INSIDE, the DC 01 steel is raw, dry and clean and is not treated with any sort of process.

LACQUERED INSIDE, a layer of beige phenolic or epoxyphenolic, water soluble enamel is applied to the steel to protect the drum from contact with corrosive products.

INTERNAL LINER in polyethylene. During the seaming phase, a high density polyethylene liner is inserted inside the drum, thus increasing the resistance and enabling the drum to hold highly corrosive products.