Photovoltaic systems are 2: The plant called "Galdram 1" is for 305.19kWp "totally integrated" "Galdram 2" - 100.000kWp 2 from "non-integrated".

The plant "fully integrated" is breaking new ground as compared to the past and the flaps are used in the South, with a monocrystalline module, the aquifers in the North with a form in thin-film CIS technology (copper and indium diselenide). As for waiting for manufacturability "Galdram 1" is about 340.000kWh/year that correspond to 157,080 kg of CO2 avoided per year and about 3,400 trees "saved" each year. The investment was implemented last year in order to reap the benefits of the legislation for the rehabilitation of asbestos roofing, confirming the Galdram attention that has always reserved the environment.

The plant called "Galdram 3" is instead composed of monocrystalline oriented South and tilted to maximize production and also in this architecture was chosen to "multinverter", since this architecture allows to optimize the yield curve PV modules, reducing the inefficiencies of the system due to shading passengers (clouds for example) or dirt.

As for waiting for manufacturability "Galdram 3" is about 90.000kWh/year corresponding to 65,000 kg of CO2 avoided per year and about 850 trees "saved" each year.

In addition, the plants have a monitoring service that allows you to view the production at any time of day or year.