Tyranno Rex Transport is a young, dynamic company founded by the same owners as Galdram to deal specifically with internal handling of goods and trailers and delivery of drums to the customers. With 7 drivers, 9 tractor units and more than 40 large volume trailers, it is the ideal partner for Galdram in the search for maximum customer satisfaction. The company's potential for the growth is enormous, both in terms of transport and logistics services.


A full 60% of Galdram's customers still request bulk drum deliveries because this enables them to receive up to 350 drums on their own, fully covered trucks. This is ideal for those who need to receive large quantities and optimizes transportation costs. An unloading service with skilled personnel is also available on request.


Thanks to ROBOTEX, the automated palletization system, the drums are supplied on various types of pallets to meet new demands in logistics and safety. This speeds up loading, unloading and warehousing operations. In addition, significant investments are being earmarked for new machinery to substantially develop this type of delivery as future demand is expected to increse, especially to meet safety requirements.


These are like small mobile warehouses at the customer's disposal at their own site. There are two types: open boxes (we own more than 400) and closed boxes (more than 200). Each individual box contains up to 54 drums which can easily be moved with a forklift truck. Moreover a 6 box container on a special transport vehicle makes it possible to lower costs and speed up delivery times, delivering up to 324 drums.


A new, fully automated palletization plant will handle our drums; with the aid of automatic shuttles, it will distribute pallets ready to be loaded and then shipped to the customer.